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High School Relationships: Worth the Time?

4 Jan

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It’s a normal school night and you’re sitting on your bed, late at night, texting. You then look at the clock…12:30. You could either head to bed or stay up even later talking to your “amazing” boyfriend/girlfriend. Most teens, they’d choose option two…thinking that they couldn’t dare be the loser to fall asleep on their significant other. High school, a time for school, homework, studying, friends, and finding that amazing person you want to waste your nights away talking to. Continue reading


Don’t Poke Me!

31 Dec

One of the most useless features of Facebook is “Poke”. I love Facebook- I use it everyday. However, I have yet to find a valid reason to use the Poke function other than starting a Poke War, which is nothing but a good waste of time. They are as simple as choosing who to Poke, telling Facebook to poke them and then waiting for a Poke back which results in a Poke War. These Poke Wars tend to go on for weeks, sometimes months. Some go on for much longer. For people who are strapped for time, this can seem like a problem. But, most of the time, the Poke is embraced…and you get poked back. Continue reading