High School Relationships: Worth the Time?

4 Jan

This article is written by one of our guests, K.S. You too can have your own article on DailyDilemmas123…just write it up, submit it to me and watch for it to appear on the site!

It’s a normal school night and you’re sitting on your bed, late at night, texting. You then look at the clock…12:30. You could either head to bed or stay up even later talking to your “amazing” boyfriend/girlfriend. Most teens, they’d choose option two…thinking that they couldn’t dare be the loser to fall asleep on their significant other. High school, a time for school, homework, studying, friends, and finding that amazing person you want to waste your nights away talking to.

The Dilemma

In high school, there are so many things to worry about-peer pressure, grades and so much more. Then there’s the stress to find a boyfriend/girlfriend. Don’t get me wrong, having a boyfriend/girlfriend is fun and all..but really, what’s the point? We all have fun with pet names and being all lovey-dovey with them, and we all have that fantasy in our heads that “they will be the one”. Very few relationships in high school work though, and even if they do, you have wasted part of your high school life in a way. Think about it, most relationships require time with each other and time away from your other friends because who really wants to be a third wheel or deal with the lovey-doveyness? And also there are grades that have a tendency to suffer because of it. I know personally many of my grades have suffered because I just HAD to stay up late to talk that extra hour

Then you add-on what happens physically between you two and the attachment that gets added on. Come on, we all know what I’m talking about here..“stuff” happens and you instantly become super jealous of others and just need to be with them often (it’s a built-in psychological fact that your head gets messed up when it becomes physical).
After some time goes on though, one of you realizes it isn’t working out and it is all of a sudden over. Tears fall, hearts are broken, and assumption of lies fall into place. The “but I thought you loved me!” are shouted and you really don’t know what to think. You then spend time getting over it and get the common “what if?” question that follows.

When you are finally over them, the processes starts again. Why? Some may never know. All I know is that personally it’s another form of a drug…you really don’t need it, but it gives you the high and you get hooked into just wanting a relationship.

Since we all know that this relationship in high school craze will NEVER cease…no matter how much we try to tell ourselves that we don’t need one, just keep these things in mind:

  1. The relationship will most likely end…so don’t get too attached or think too far into the future with them.
  2. Make sure to keep time for friends so that you don’t lose them while in a relationship.
  3. Listen to your best friends advice about the relationship (they are 99% of the time right and care about you).
  4. Don’t lose who you are in the relationship just for them.

So the next time you are sitting on the couch late at night texting your significant other and it’s 12:30 on a school night, head to bed. They will get over it. And, if they don’t…then they aren’t worth it.


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