To Wear the Polo or Not

3 Jan

As I head back to school in the New Year, I realize that I tend to be a pretty uptight guy…always have to get things done early, need to always look presentable, little time for fun and little humor when deadlines are approaching. One of the big testaments to me being uptight is the way I dress. A lot of my friends wear t-shirts or sweatshirts on a daily basis. I, on the other hand, do not. I prefer to wear polos (unless, of course, it’s a dress-down day for me…like Sunday). But why? Why do I feel the need to wear that polo everyday?

The Dilemma

Being that uptight guy, I like to have things perfect. Every…single…thing…has…to…be…perfect. If it’s not perfect, I need to make it perfect. For some odd reason, I feel that a polo puts me closer to being that perfect person I strive to be…even though, it really isn’t really that big of a problem. It only makes me a little more presentable.

Perfection is going to be a reoccurring theme that we talk about at DailyDilemmas123. For me, I know deep-down that perfection does not exist. Even the people we think are perfect or good role-models (cough…Tiger Woods…cough) have flaws. Those flaws are what make us perfect, and that’s where a lot of us struggle to accept that.

When it gets down to the nitty-gritty, we are all perfect in our own ways. Whether it’s that polo that I wear or the hairstyle you choose, those are the dilemmas we are faced with in life that contribute to us and our perfection. Our individual levels of perfection are achieved each day…through the choices we make.

While we may not feel perfect on the inside, we must realize that we are perfect in our own ways. And that polo, dress-shirt, dress or even t-shirt is just helping to make us that much more perfect. So, if your taste is to dress up (like mine), wear that polo. If not, and you need to wear those sweatshirts, go ahead and wear those sweatshirts! We’re not judging.


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