The Great Rivalry

2 Jan

A quick note about DailyDilemmas123…the posts might start to get a little shorter now that I’ll be going back to school. However, my goal is still to write one quality post per day.

If anyone follows football out there…even the smallest bit…they know there’s going to be a good game this afternoon between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers. I’m definitely a Packer’s fan…which is totally wrong since I live in Chicago. But, I like to do things my way…and for me, liking the Packer’s is my way.

The Dilemma

For some odd reason, I love the Packers. I always have loved them. My entire bedroom is dedicated to the Packers. Some might call me odd. But, I call myself a fan. Clearly those Chicago fans don’t understand what it means to like the Packers- they’re too busy liking their Bears (which, I’ll give them credit, did pretty well this year).

But, when days like today come around…and the Packers and the Bears meet up…I can’t help but tell everyone I know that the Packer’s are gonna win! I mean, who wouldn’t stand up for their team like that, right? Right! Except, sometimes…like at the beginning of the season…this came back to haunt me. That’s right, unfortunately the Packer’s lost to the Bears in one of their first games of the season.

As you can imagine, I was horrified! It made me so upset that we lost to the Bears…especially because we made stupid mistakes. But, today is a chance to fix that. It’s a chance to beat the Bears (woo!). But, more importantly, it’s a chance to make it to the playoffs!

Let’s go Packers!


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