Keep That Resolution

1 Jan

First off, welcome to 2011! Whether 2010 was good or bad to you, here’s to a new start in the new year! With a new year upon us, we often make promises to ourselves that we say we’re going to keep- how wonderful! These promises can range from losing weight to being nicer to people. Sometimes you look like a fool if you don’t have a resolution made for the new year! But, these resolutions don’t always last.

The Dilemma

As time goes on, we naturally fall into habits. Unfortunately, these habits are not always good. The habits have an impact on our life. So, when the New Year comes around, it’s common for people to say they’re going to break that habit and change themselves. That’s great! We should encourage them to do it!

But, the change doesn’t last long for most people. A good deal of the time people are lucky to have kept their resolution two weeks into the New Year- and that’s being generous. The question is why? Why do people have such a hard time keeping their resolutions?

I’m no psychologist, but there’s probably a couple of reasons why.

First, time constraints. Around New Years, people have a little bit more time on their hands. Due to this, they think they can go ahead and keep doing whatever it is they are doing or add something new into their schedules (like working out). However, after New Years hits and you have to get back into your daily routine, you quickly realize that you don’t have that extra hour to hit the gym in the morning.

Then, there’s the motivation factor. It sounds great to say you’re going to be nicer to people in the New Year…but, let’s be honest…that’s not going to change overnight. These changes take a while to perfect. Due to that, a lot of people lose their motivation to keep up with their resolution. The thing is, if they had the motivation it took, they could probably accomplish their goals.

Lastly, sometimes they don’t really mean what they say. No one wants to be the person at the New Years Eve party that doesn’t have a resolution. In order to fix this, they come up with something on the spot that sounds simple…but, when they start doing it (if they start doing it), they realize that it isn’t going to work out.

I’m sure there are other factors as to why people don’t keep their resolutions. And, I’m not suggesting that everybody forgets about their resolutions. That’s not true! But, one thing’s for sure- you should definitely try to keep yours. It’ll set you apart from the crowd!

What’s your resolution for 2011? Be sure to share in the comments!


2 Responses to “Keep That Resolution”

  1. aka_mara January 1, 2011 at 1:28 am #

    I agree! New Year’s resolutions are definitely hard to keep! I wasn’t going to do any this year cause mine usually fail…but I think (well I hope) I can keep all the ones that I’ve set for myself 🙂 lol

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