Where did the Time Go?

31 Dec

It feels like just yesterday I was driving home from school with that wonderful feeling of relief- no school for the next two weeks! Yet, today, there are just a few days until I’m going back to school. Where did all that time go? Those 14 days went by so fast! The feeling of time passing by quickly isn’t limited to Winter Break though. Whether that feeling comes from waking up to the alarm clock or looking at the clock at night and realizing you’ve been watching mindless reality TV for the past three hours, it’s a feeling we all know too well.

The Dilemma

As 2010 winds down and 2011 kicks off in full gear, I feel like it was January 1st, 2010  just yesterday. But, last time I checked the calendar, it’s December 31st…an entire year later. So, where did all that time go? Those 12 months…365 days…all the hours? I clearly don’t remember everything that happened- heck, I don’t remember a whole great deal about what happened this year. But, I’m going to attempt to go through what happened in brevity:

  • I was still in Driver’s Ed
  • Had finals (what a joy)
  • Busy with extracurriculars
  • State Series (Regional and Sectional Champ here)
  • More Driver’s Ed
  • Overall, not too exciting
  • Driver’s Ed…again…
  • Spring Break started!
  • One more quarter of school
  • Spring Break ended…
  • Got that all important license
  • Got a car!
  • Started up work again
  • School ended!
  • A few  extracurricular activity meetings
  • Leadership Retreat (a great time!)
  • First college visit!
  • Meeting up with friends
  • Wisconsin Dell’s Vacation
  • School started
  • Busy with school starting and extracurricular activities
  • Another college tour
  • More college visits
  • Lifeguarding class
  • Received lifeguard certificate
  • Thanksgiving with family from out of town
  • A lot of school activities
  • Applying to jobs
  • Winter Break!

In Conclusion

All-in-all, 2010 was a pretty good year. I think I am probably forgetting some of the things that occurred in 2010, but that’s going to happen. Here’s to a brand new year with brand new adventures!


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