Catching Up through Meeting Up

30 Dec

Life. It tends to get in the way of what we really want to do. Sometimes, life gets in the way of hanging out with friends. One of my best friends ended up moving away…like…moved to an entirely different state in an entirely different part of the country (moved to Texas from Illinois). As you can imagine, we ended up losing contact for a while and resorted to texting and Facebook (or MySpace back in the day). As you can imagine, that’s not exactly the same as seeing them every day and talking with them.

The Dilemma

Now, it’s not like she just moved down the street or to a nearby town where I could rollerblade/scooter/bike ride or even walk (gasp) to her house. I mean, that’d be an awfully long walk…it’d take days…or weeks…probably months. I know, I could always fly to Texas to meet up or she could always fly to Illinois…but who wants to spend money on airfare…although, with her mom working for the airlines, that wouldn’t have been such a big deal.

The fact remains that the distance separated us…and we eventually lost contact. Then, a couple of years later she moved back to Illinois…should have probably made up her mind, right? I mean, they are complete opposite ends of the spectrum! Anyways, she moved back, but she was several towns over…so we didn’t go to the same school…and we still didn’t meet up to talk. And, texting was pretty much out of the question for some reason.

Today, I went out to lunch and met up with her. We didn’t go to a coffee place (that wouldn’t have been as fulfilling as a sandwich). But we did go to Panera Bread and sat down and talked…and talked…and talked. There is simply no other way to truly catch up with someone other than sitting down and talking with them. We sat at Panera for a good two hours and just talked about everything that has been going on.

So whether you moved away or your friend moved away, you can still catch up and rekindle that friendship. All you need is some time to do it (and maybe some money along the way). It may sound dumb or stupid, but in reality, catching up with someone whom you haven’t seen in years (yes, years) can really make a difference. It set the mood for me for the rest of the day (and hopefully for days to come).

Call up your long-lost buddies and tell them you wanna meet up for lunch…or dinner…or even coffee. You’ll be glad you did.


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