Time to Get my Feet Wet…

29 Dec

As if I don’t already have enough to do, I’ve decided to start a blog- one that I want to update just about every day. Some might call me crazy (especially those that know me and my hectic schedule), but I have a pretty solid reason for starting this. Each one of us face dilemmas throughout every day, things we feel the need to comment on and maybe even complain about (especially me). By writing about the dilemmas that face me (and most likely yourself), I’ll be able to put my thoughts out there while hopefully helping some people along the way.

Some of the typical dilemmas you will find that I like to talk about are college, high school, friends, the internet, time management and so on and so forth. Actually, there’s quite a long list of topics I can and most likely will touch on. Some will be touched on more often than others. However, if there’s something you want to see discussed on here, let me know!

When I say to let me know, I mean it! If I run low on things to talk about (that’d be a strange) or if I’m simply not in the mood for discussing personal dilemmas, I’ll definitely publish an article based on your own dilemma . Heck, if you want to write the article yourself, be my guest! I’d love to publish it for you! Otherwise, leave a comment somewhere and I’ll try to get around to it!

That about wraps up today. I’ve got a gut feeling that we’re going to look at stress from college tomorrow.


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