Haha, You’re So Ridiculous

29 Dec

When I first told my friends (or, well, one friend specifically) about this blog, the first thing out of their mouth was:

“Haha, you’re so ridiculous”

Obviously starting up a blog isn’t an easy task, especially when you have little time on your hands. But, this blog isn’t just a blog. It’s a place where people can come to relate with each other about similar dilemmas they face. I don’t know what expectations I should have for this blog, but I do know that it is a good place to come and put your thoughts out there.

The Dilemma

Friends. We all have them. Sometimes we let them get the best of us. In this case, I was so excited about this new blog (regardless of if anyone was going to read it or not) that I wanted to tell someone…someone that I thought would get a kick out of it, but also read it. So, I logged onto Facebook (oh boy) and I told somebody. Well, the response, as evidenced by the title, was anything but positive. Now, I’m not trying to put her on the spot- she’s a great person and you can learn a lot from her, but, in general, a lot of people look at what their friends think and let that determine what they do. If I let that happen with this blog, chances are this blog wouldn’t exist.

Peer pressure is a problem that faces many people today. You don’t have to be a teen face peer pressure…it can come to you when you’re five, ten, twenty, fifty, eighty, etc. Often times we let what our friends think about us or what our friends want us to do influence us too much. It’s much easier to succumb to the pressure than to be an individual. So, when my friend told me that I’m ridiculous, I chuckled…I am a little ridiculous. Yet, at the same time, I’m also doing something of my own.

Whether this blog takes off or not, I don’t know that it really bothers me. If it doesn’t, it can be used as a journal to talk about what’s on my mind. If it does take off, it can turn into something great. The one thing I know is that this will take a decent amount of time to keep up. As my friend reminded me, “I never have time.” That’s true. However, I want to make time for this. If I set my mind towards accomplishing something, I tend to accomplish it. With that said, I’m setting my mind to have time to keep this blog updated.

When it comes down to it, if we let other’s thoughts influence us all the time, we won’t get anything done for ourself. Sometimes, we have to look towards the positives in what we’re doing…even if other people are not.

Peer pressure: Haha, you’re so ridiculous.


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