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Where did the Time Go?

31 Dec

It feels like just yesterday I was driving home from school with that wonderful feeling of relief- no school for the next two weeks! Yet, today, there are just a few days until I’m going back to school. Where did all that time go? Those 14 days went by so fast! The feeling of time passing by quickly isn’t limited to Winter Break though. Whether that feeling comes from waking up to the alarm clock or looking at the clock at night and realizing you’ve been watching mindless reality TV for the past three hours, it’s a feeling we all know too well. Continue reading


Don’t Poke Me!

31 Dec

One of the most useless features of Facebook is “Poke”. I love Facebook- I use it everyday. However, I have yet to find a valid reason to use the Poke function other than starting a Poke War, which is nothing but a good waste of time. They are as simple as choosing who to Poke, telling Facebook to poke them and then waiting for a Poke back which results in a Poke War. These Poke Wars tend to go on for weeks, sometimes months. Some go on for much longer. For people who are strapped for time, this can seem like a problem. But, most of the time, the Poke is embraced…and you get poked back. Continue reading

Catching Up through Meeting Up

30 Dec

Life. It tends to get in the way of what we really want to do. Sometimes, life gets in the way of hanging out with friends. One of my best friends ended up moving away…like…moved to an entirely different state in an entirely different part of the country (moved to Texas from Illinois). As you can imagine, we ended up losing contact for a while and resorted to texting and Facebook (or MySpace back in the day). As you can imagine, that’s not exactly the same as seeing them every day and talking with them. Continue reading

Bad Hair Day

30 Dec

Sometimes, you wake up and can instantly tell your hair isn’t going to cooperate with you for the day. Unfortunately for us, these days tend to be on some of the most important days of our lives. It ranges from me trying to get the right spike in my hair and having the rest of my hair lay completely flat to girls needing that perfect ponytail and bangs. Sadly, there are days when our hair just doesn’t want to cooperate with us- and we have to deal with that. Continue reading

College Stress- in High School

30 Dec

It’s Winter Break and I have done absolutely no homework, which is great. I guess I should thank my teachers for that when I get back to school on January 3rd. Yet, even with no homework to be done, I’ve found myself doing nothing but searching about college all the time. When I get back in school and have to write that inevitable paper explaning what I did over my break, I’m gonna be the one writing all about the college research that I completed. Continue reading

Haha, You’re So Ridiculous

29 Dec

When I first told my friends (or, well, one friend specifically) about this blog, the first thing out of their mouth was:

“Haha, you’re so ridiculous”

Obviously starting up a blog isn’t an easy task, especially when you have little time on your hands. But, this blog isn’t just a blog. It’s a place where people can come to relate with each other about similar dilemmas they face. I don’t know what expectations I should have for this blog, but I do know that it is a good place to come and put your thoughts out there. Continue reading

Time to Get my Feet Wet…

29 Dec

As if I don’t already have enough to do, I’ve decided to start a blog- one that I want to update just about every day. Some might call me crazy (especially those that know me and my hectic schedule), but I have a pretty solid reason for starting this. Each one of us face dilemmas throughout every day, things we feel the need to comment on and maybe even complain about (especially me). By writing about the dilemmas that face me (and most likely yourself), I’ll be able to put my thoughts out there while hopefully helping some people along the way. Continue reading